We at Mayflower United Solutions understand the requirement of each and every organization and the subsequent internet presence. Keeping this in mind we are offer various website packages which shall furnish all basic information about your business or organization and associated products. A beautiful & professional website for your organization which gives you the much needed online presence in today’s competitive internet world.


Today’s Internet World where all major companies are fighting the cyber battle for sales and business development, the need to have a strong online presence is much needed. To achieve this goal we at Mayflower United Solutions offer website packages ideal for large business. You can proudly showcase your products and services that your company sells which enhances your marketing strategy especially when most of your competitors might still be adapting to the need of internet presence. If you own a Super Market or a Restaurant this website package can be ideal for you. A flamboyant and stylish website for your organization which you can proudly show off and also drive online traffic. This Package also includes Social media integration such as Facebook and Twitter making you even stronger in the Networking world. We provide you the desired domain absolutely free of cost, which includes free web hosting with unlimited bandwidth.


Mayflower United Solutions offers a wide range of website options based on your business requirement. Our Small Business website package is a compact web model which shall furnish all basic information about your business or organization and associated products. A Simple and effective basic website for your business which provides the web identity much needed in today’s competitive world. If you own a small retail shop or a saloon this can be the apt website for you especially if you have budget constraints. This package will consist of a neat Home page with slider images showing the service or product that you offer, an About Us page describing your company history and commitment to your customers, a Services page describing the services or products that you provide, a Gallery page where you can display photos of the products that you feature and a Contact Us page with your office address featuring Google Map location and also a contact form where your customers can fill and you will receive the query to you any email that you choose.


Content Management System (CMS) enables you to customize and update your website periodically. You have the ability to change the content on your webpage such as images, text, pricing, products etc. CMS website is ideal for companies who constantly update their products online. If you own a automobile company selling used cars or an online book store then CMS website helps you in adding and removing your products with ease, and above all very basic computer skill is required. You can do the changes from your browser itself. We at Mayflower United Solutions and experts in designing and developing CMS based Websites for your business. Developing user friendly interface with minimum navigation is the key to any CMS website. With our CMS websites you don’t need to have HTML or any programming knowledge, just a simple cut and paste from word or excel or you can upload/remove images like you attach them in an email. The perfect solution for a company that showcases products online is to have a website that you can edit by yourself. To have a professional & used friendly CMS website you need to have a professional web designing company to develop your website. You need to have a high performance website that brings quality traffic to your business. Mayflower United Solutions can make you achieve that.

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