Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a long established and proven online marketing method of generating sales and leads. The beauty of this business model is that you only pay out when users complete certain agreed actions or purchase products from your website.

Companies ranging from large brands to start-ups, use Affiliate Marketing to generate a huge number of online sales. Mayflower United Solutions provides the tools and services for companies who wish to tap into the hundreds of thousands of websites that are happy to promote products or services in exchange for an Affiliate Commission as set. You can be up and running very quickly, ready to offer your products or services via our Network of leading Affiliates. We work with advertisers who are looking to acquire leads, sales, or mobile application installs whilst rewarding publishers (or ‘affiliates’) for their referral activity. We pride ourselves on the quality of our advertiser and publisher partnerships that thrive due to our obsessive support and industry-leading technology.


With a blend of powerful technology and expert account management, we connect advertisers and agencies with audiences around the world. We help publishers big and small create profitable partnerships with the world’s best known brands through their websites, blogs and content.

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